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Marketing videos are not a new idea and most brands have had a marketing video strategy for a long time. However, now videos have transcended from just a component of your marketing to a core component of your whole marketing strategy.

According to Hubspot Research, 54% of consumers want videos from brands they support. Additionally, video content was found to be most memorable when compared to texts and images. According to Wyzowl, 63% of businesses have started using video contents in their marketing strategy.

What is the most popular search engine? The answer is Google. What about the second most popular search engine? Any guesses? The answer is Youtube. If you are not engaging in videos as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you are missing out a lot.

Marketing videos’ effect on conversion and sales overwhelms every other strategy that you might adopt, such as texts or images. Videos also show greater ROI to boot.

Furthermore, videos are versatile and can be used to explain any and every thing. Cooking up a new promotion for a product/service? Videos appeals to everyone, especially mobile users.

We at Eximius Digita, have great marketing videos in our repertoire. We have created brand videos for numerous prestigious clients. Partner with Eximius Digita and reach new heights with our marketing videos